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Award-winning author Heather Ashby is the guest on this episode of The Author biz.

Heather Ashby

Heather Ashby

What’s the single best thing anyone has ever told you about your books?

Well written? Brilliant? Just like (insert bestselling author name here), only better?

Today’s guest, Heather Ashby has heard all of that, and more. But she’s also heard that her military romance series is being used as a healing tool for the wives of soldiers with PTSD.

Heather’s parents both served in the military. She served in the Navy, her son served in the Army, and her husband is a retired naval engineer.

UnforgettableHer original goals for writing were primarily to craft entertaining stories, but beginning with her second book, a theme of healing developed in her books. And she’s allowed that theme to grow with each successive book.

But that’s just the start of the story. Heather has also partnered with the Fisher House Foundation, a charity that provides housing for military families at no cost while their wounded warrior loved ones are receiving treatment.

We dig into these topics and explain how this all ties into your author business during this 51-minute  interview. Other highlights include: 

  • A physician who listens to The Author Biz recommended that I consider Heather as a guest of the show. We explain why at the start of the interview.
  • Heather, who writes military romance novels, claims that 90% of romance readers are women and that 90% of those who guide men to seek healing for PTSD are their wives. That’s the reason she’s developed healing as the major theme in her writing.
  • Heather donates 50% of her royalties to the Fisher House Foundation. Fisher House is best known for a network of comfort homes where military and veterans’ families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment.
  • She describes the point where her writing goals changed from just providing entertainment to readers, to wanting her books to do more than just entertain.
  • Heather’s process of developing themes and sharing wisdom in her books, began with the second book her series.
  • Heather suggests that authors who are considering charitable giving from their books, consider charities that reflect those books.
  • Her latest book is UNFORGETTABLE, and she describes the book, its place in her series, and the mysterious way in which it was released a week ahead of schedule.
  • A discussion of the romance genre, it’s various sub-genres and the success many romance writers have achieved.
  • Themes in books - do they grow organically, or are the planned? For Heather, it has happened both ways.
  • Heather describes how she works with her co-author, Major Christopher Bergeron, USMC Retired.
  • Heather describes her release process and a trick for dealing with blog tours.
  • The value of connecting with readers, on a one-on-one basis.

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Heather’s website www.heatherashby.com
Fisher House Foundation website www.fisherhouse.org
Heather’s Amazon Author Page
Unforgettable book page

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