The Podcast-alypse of 2016: The Self Publishing Roundtable


I had the great pleasure of chatting with a very select group of author podcasters on the Self Publishing Roundtable last week. Hosts (and podcasters) Erica Conroy and Robert Chazz Chute invited Hank Garner host of the Author Stories PodcastPatrick Stemp, who hosts the To Be Read Podcast, and me to discuss hows and whys of our podcast lives.

Despite a few technical problems on my end with Google Hangouts, I’m happy to report that I learned some things from the hosts and guests that I’ll be putting into effect soon on my shows.

You can watch (or listen) to this entertaining podcast at the Self-Publishing Roundtable website.

I was a guest on TBR Podcast Episode 85

Imagine sitting around a comfortable table chatting about books with people who really know and love the subject. I spent a very pleasant hour last night doing a digital version of that very thing on the TBR Podcast, a weekly show that’s all about books. We talked a lot about mysteries and thrillers last night, but the show is not focused on any particular genre.

I’ve been a fan of the TBR (to be read) Podcast since I first learned of it from an author friend, John L. Monk, who has since become a co-host of the show with Patrick Stemp and Michael La Ronn. Michael was unable to be with us last night, and Erica Conroy was his highly capable replacement.

We made for a diverse group. John writes science fiction and some crime, Patrick is the author of children’s books, with a very eclectic reading list, and Erica writes science fiction romance. I love the way the show opens each episode when everyone takes the microphone to talk about what they’ve read for the past week.

I’ve had these “book talk” type evenings before at writers conferences, but this was my first evening of digital book chatting, and I really enjoyed the time.

I made a few book recommendations myself last night, but we talked about a few titles that I couldn’t remember so I’ve linked those below.

ALL IN - By Joel Goldman and Lisa Clink


The TBR Podcast is recorded using Google hangouts, and this was my first time on that platform, which allows them to present the show both live as a hangout and in podcast format.

I had a great time last night and appreciated the opportunity to spend time with Erica, Patrick, and John.

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